Call for Resources

508 - 997- 4515

We Are Here to Serve.

Call Center Operated by the New Bedford Public Schools.  Available in multiple languages.

We want to help make life a little easier for folks that may have lost their income or could use a hand with groceries during this unprecedented time.

Food Security

We have access to organizations that can help with meal prep foods as well as prepared meals.  Click below to let us know how best we can help.

We have paused taking new orders until we can address shortages.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  We hope to restart next week.

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Menstrual Hygiene Supply

YWCA Justice Flow Project

Waterside Women

South Coast School Resources

During this time of isolation many South Coast School systems have been working hard to give their students and community the resources they need.

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Would you like to help with time, talent or treasure?

Volunteers Serving Food

Resources, Agencies, Funds in Greater New Bedford

This is your Service Description. Use this space to explain this service in more detail.

Community Service

Burial Assistance

The State of Massachusetts is offerng burial assitence to those who need the help.

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New Bedford Food Pantries

A list of food pantries located in New Bedford, MA.

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Counseling Services & Support

 New Bedford Women’s Center Hotline – 508-999-6636 (counselors in multi-languages by phone, can
offer assistance with orders of protection and safe homes program, etc.)
 Suicide Prevention Center – Call national number 866 508 4357 or local number 508 738 9000
 Children’s Advocacy Center of Bristol County – Support in talking to children about COVID-19: Parents and caregivers can call 508-674-6111 and leave a message at ext.103 and a
clinician will return the call.
 State Mental Health Crisis Hotline: 1 877 382 1609 – a resource for free therapy

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Childcare for Essential Workers

Emergency Drop-off Child Care (New Bedford/Acushnet):  State will pay for childcare for essential workers who do not have in-home or alternative options. Local approved sites:

M-F, 6:30am-4pm.

  • New Bedford YMCA, 25 South Water St, New Bedford (508-525-7347) (Maxine Hebert).  M-F 8am-4pm.

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How Our Network Works

We are a network of many different non-profit organizations collaborating to support people in need during this difficult time.  Please contact us if you have a need or a resource you would like to share.


Welcome to Southcoast Community Response Corps - COVID-19

Collaborating to help people in need around the Southcoast


What We Do

The Southcoast COVID Community Response Corp is a group of community leaders who have come together to address unmet needs in the community during the COVID-19 crisis.  The primary focus of the SCRC has been to address Basic Food, Shelter, Supply and Emotional Support needs of the Southcoast community.  The Corps is made up of citizens from different backgrounds that are willing to go over and above in various ways from hands on activities like preparing and delivering meals to providing translations to staffing our help line.  This Corp is organized with the help of a multitude of community agencies and organizations working as one to serve the Southcoast of Massachusetts during this challenging time.


Our Causes

It Starts With the Will to Make a Difference

Feeding the Hungry

Housing the Homeless

Supporting Special Populations


“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Martin Luther


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